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The Plant Collection - Guermonprez Herbarium

My first view of the collections was the herbarium (plant collection), which is housed at Portsmouth Museum. Plant collections hold lots of historic biological information - where and when the plants were found and who collected them. Knowing the collectors helps to give a snapshot of how botanists collaborated in the past. The collections can also be used for DNA studies.

The largest plant collection is the Guermonprez Herbarium which was mainly collected by Henry Leopold Foster Guermonprez (1858-1924), who lived in West Sussex. Other plants in this collection were sent to him by botanists or thought to have been bought at sales or auctions. To date I have counted just under 14,000 (13,993) plants in this herbarium.

Many of the plants in the Guermonprez Herbarium were collected in Sussex and West Sussex, although there are plants from other counties though out the UK.